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Durakolor Deck Sheet

Durakolor Deck Sheet 44 / 130 is a trapezoidal profile deck steel sheet used for floor decking, made out of Plain Cold Rolled (CR) Steel, Galvanised Steel (GP), and Colour Coated Steel. It has strong and reliable performance. When it is used as a composite concrete deck panel, ie when concrete is poured over it, a strong bond is created between concrete and steel. This new concept brings about saving for its end users by reduced usage of concrete and steel.

Application Area

• High Rise Buildings
• Multiplexes
• Power Plants
• Mezzanine Floors in Industrial Buildings & Warehouses


Total Coated Thickness* - mm 0.80 to 2.00
Crest Height (mm)* - 44
Pitch Distance (mm)* - 130
Overall width* - mm 840/956
Effective Cover width* - mm 790/910.
Standard Sheet length* - mm 2440 (8ft), 3050 (10ft), 3660 (12ft), 4270 (14ft), 4880 (16ft)
*Customized thickness and lengths can be supplied based on specific requirements of customers

*Terms and conditions apply

*Sheet length in feet is approximate value

*Standard deviations apply


1. Saves time of Construction
2. Saves concrete usage
3. Saves Steel usage
4. No reinforcement rods TMT are required
5. No shuttering required
6. Reduced Slab Thickness
7. Reduced dead weight of the building