Durakolor Z Purlin

Z purlin is a revolutionary product which has been technically approved and accepted all over the world by architects & engineers. Its extraordinary shape increases its strength and load taking capacity. Usage of Z purlin results in cost saving upto 50% in structural steel as compared to traditional rolled sections (like Angle / Channel / Beams) and Hollow Sections (like Round Pipes / SHS / RHS). It is available in customised lengths, thus there is no need of any fabrication, cutting or welding at the site. Hence there is no material wastage or fabrication cost. It is also available in various thickness and sizes (please click on Dimensions to view details), the customer also has the option to buy high quality Galvanised Z purlin.

Z-Purlin Dimensions
Type Height (mm)-d Thickness TCT(mm)-t
Z-140 140 1-3
Z-160 160 1-3
Z-180 180 1-3
Z-200 200 1-3
Z-220 220 1-3
Z-240 240 1-3
Z-250 250 1-3
Z-300 300 1-3
Galvanised (Zinc Coated) and HR(with or without Primer Coating)option is also available
Customised Lengths can be made as per Customer Requirement