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Welcome to Exodus Ispat

Durakolor :Building and roofing products comes from the house of Exodus, an Industrial Entity known for it futuristic approach and quality products. Exodus with its Durakolor range of products and services aims to revolutionalise the way people think of roofing. We are an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company. It is because of our focus on quality and the way we serve our customers we have been able to receive the patronage of customers like the Indian Railways, MES, PWD etc. Our products have found its application in various industries, ranging from Steel, Cement, Packaging, Plastics, Warehousing & Housing, House Building etc.



         Durakolor gets approval
         from Bhutan Standard Bureau (BSB)-06/05/2013

         Durakolor gets approval
         from Assam Rifels-21/03/2012

         Durakolor gets approval
         from MES – Air force-15/01/2013

         Exodus Ispat becomes a member of the Indian Green Building Council – IGBC,
         due to its eco friendly products – 25 th July 2011

         Exodus Ispat gets awarded with ISO 9001: 2008 certifcate,
         for international management practice and continual growth – 5 th July 2011

         Durakolor Roofing Sheets Manufactured by EIPL
         gets approval from the Military Engineering Service (MES)

         Indian Railways specifies Durakolor as the approved brand of roofing sheets
         for application in its Tenders.

         Durakolor gets approval
         from PWD – Public Works Department Assam