Durakolor Colour Coated Flashings & Accessories


Finishing of any building Industrial / Domestic is incomplete without Durakolor Accessories & Flashings. Other than ensuring leakage proof joints Durakolor Accessories also adds to the aesthetics of sheds. Our Standard Accessories are:

Ridge, Gutter, Corner Flashiing, Gable Flashing, Valley Gutter, Drip trim.Other Customised and Crimped Colour Coated Sheets and Accessories are also available

Fitting & Fixing Accessories

Sheets fitted with good quality long lasting fitting and fixing material lasts longer, we at Durakolor have developed such products to suitably  match our profiles.

Durakolor SDST (Self Drilling Self Tapping)Screws


Colour Coated Roofing has life span of more than twice of any other  roofing material and to ensure this, they need to be fixed with Durakolor  Screws, which are Xylin coated for extra life. These screws are self  drilling and self tapping which cuts the exact size of hole in which there is  little space for external dirt to come in. Other than this the EPDM washer  which comes along with it, ensures leak proof joints.


butyl tape 2 mastic tape

Durakolor Mastic Tape

These are specialized tapes used at joints for extra protection at joints

Durakolor Fillers –

These are custom designed foam fillers which ensure that the outside dust and debris does not come inside the shed.