About Us

Durakolor Colour Coated Roofing Sheets comes from the house of Exodus Ispat, an Industrial Entity known for it futuristic approach and quality products.Exodus with its Durakolor range of products and services aims to revolutionalise the way people think of roofing. Practically there has been no invention in Roofing for many years and least “Roofing Solution” support is available to consumers.

Moreover very few people know the ‘Best Practices’ in roofing solution so as to enhance the roof life and offer ‘value for money’ to the consumers.

Growing income and changing industrial scenario in the country has made people aspire for better products in life. Durakolor range of products and services cater perfectly to these needs.The colour coated products is available in different profiles, which are ideal for application in both roof & wall, suited both for industrial and residential application.

Durakolor and its support team is dedicated to ensure that the customer is offered the best product and services in roofing hence – Better value for money. It is because of our focus on quality and the way we serve our customers we have been able to receive the patronage of customers like the Indian Railways.Our products have found its application in various industries, ranging from Steel, Cement, Packaging, Plastics, Warehousing & Housing (Residence) etc.


To be amongst the world’s most valued organization in “Building Products”:

1. For our quality products ,
2. For the manner in which we service our clients
3. For our work ethics &
4. For fulfilling social responsibilities.


Company Values

Exodus Ispat is committed to its core values of:
1. Integrity
2. Reliability
3. Innovation
4. Excellence
5. Precision


To have Satisfied Shareholders, Suppliers, Customers, Enthused & Happy employees, to unleash people’s potential and create leaders who will build the future and ensure sustainable growth.

Why Colour Coated Galvalume

Exodus Ispat is committed to its core values of:
1. Durablity
2. Aesthetics
3. Customizable
4. Low Life Cycle Cost
5. Weather Resistant
6. Light Weight
7. Fire Resistant
8. Recyclable
9. Energy Saving
10. Low Maintainance
11. Allergens

Why Durakolor

1. Return on Owners’s Investment
2. World Class Quality
3. International Quality Standards Met
4. Best Practice in Roofing
5. Innovative Designs
6. Customised Services
7. Wide Product Range
8. Vast Sales & Service Network
9. Inhouse manufacturing

Management Team

1. Mr. Govind Prasad Lohia – Chairman & Managing Director
2. Mr. Manish Lohia – CEO & Director

Manufacturing Facilities

We have our manufacturing unit located in Bishnupur, Bankura, West Bengal (India), strategically located to serve the whole of India and also the export market. The unit spreads over 100000 sqft of land area. It is installed with the latest technology production and testing equipments. The plant has got an installed capacity of over 60000 metric tones per annum. The plant not only produces roofing sheets of different designs but also supporting products like Z purlins and accessories of different specification and also crimped components- for curved roof/shed.

Sales & Service Network

Our Sales & Service Network has reach in over 15 states and 5 Branch Offices. The entire team has been trained to perfection for customer delight and satisfaction and after sales service.

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