Durakolor Insulated Roofing Sheet:

Double Skin Insulated Roofing Sheet

Durakolor offers Single and Double Skin insulated roofing & cladding systems to customer, which has excellent thermal and acoustic resistance. The thermal and acoustic insulation can be customised as per the requirement of the client’s end use. It has found its application largely in the power sector, auditorium, theatres, multiplexes and industrial and RCC Buildings. It is used both in roofing and wall Cladding.

Single Skin:

In Single Skin insulation system a layer of insulation is provided under the metal sheets, above the purlins and or the girts.

Double Skin:

In Double Skin insulation system a layer of insulation is provided between two metal sheets separated by Z Sub Girt Spacers which are then together fixed to main structures original purlin and or the girts.

Insulation Material Option:

-Mineral Wool
-Closed Cell Cross-Linked Polyethylene


• High load bearing capacity
• Excellent thermal insulation
• Energy savings
• Resistance to weather and aggressive environments
• Ease of installation
• Long life and very low maintenance cost
• Easy repair and replacement
• Acoustic sound insulation
• Reasonable fire reaction and resistance