Durakolor Tile

Durakolor Tile profile has been designed keeping in mind the residential and institutional users. Apart being the widest tile profile in the industry, it is also technically the most advanced product due to its Durakolor interlocking feature and Durakolor Anti Capilary Groove and has been accepted and appreciated by many engineers.

* Actual Colour may vary from the Displayed Picture .
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* Standard Deviations Apply .


1.Longest life – resulting from azz technology

2.Widest roof coverage

3.Extra strength

4.Aesthetically appealing

5.Long lasting colours

6.Freedom from leakage

7.Quick and easy installation


Total Coated Thickness* – mm0.30, 0.35, 0.40, 0.45, 0.47, 0.50, 0.55, 0.60. 0.80
Crest Height (mm)* – 28.5
Pitch Distance (mm)* – 203
Overall width* – mm1090
Effective Cover width* – mm1015
Standard Sheet length* – mm2440 (8ft), 3050 (10ft), 3660 (12ft), 4270 (14ft), 4880 (16ft)
*Customized thickness and lengths can be supplied based on specific requirements of customers
DK Tile Dimension

*Terms and conditions apply

*Sheet length in feet is approximate value

*Standard deviations apply

Exclusive Feature

 Durakolor AntiCapillary Groove – Durakolor Tile Profile has been designed with special  AntiCapillary Groove, which forms an air tube in the side lap of the sheet,thus resisting water  seepage even in torrential rains.



Durakolor Interlocking Feature-Durakolor Tile Profile is designed such that it requires interlocking in vertical overlap which ensures that material are fixed in straight lines – thus ensuring that there is no chance of any leakages.