PUF Panel

Durakolor offers PUF Panel roofing & wall cladding systems to customer, which has excellent thermal- acoustic resistance and has been designed to cater to all your cooling requirements. It has found its application largely in the power sector, auditorium, theatres, multiplexes, agro industry, food processing industry, pharma, telecom shelters, defense living shelters, commercial, pre engineered buildings (PEB) educational, and domestic buildings. The thermal and acoustic insulation can be customised as per the requirement of the client’s end use. These solutions are designed to suit all requirements: storing farm produce, freezing, storing cooked and semi-cooked, poultry, seafood, fruits, and vegetables. In short, our cooling extends from the farm to the table. Durakolor PUF panel comes with standard tongue-and-groove joint and optional cam locks and is manufactured in one of Asia most efficient on line, continuous PUF manufacturing machine.

These Pre fabricated PUF panel roofing sheet are made of polyurethane foam (PUF) sandwiched between layers of colour coated steel sheet, which are highly resistant to weather atrocities of the tropical climate and rusting. It reduces heat by approximately 5 to 6 degrees * and reduces the noise of rain.



• High load bearing capacity
• Excellent thermal insulation
• Energy savings
• Resistance to weather and aggressive environments
• Ease of installation
• Long life and very low maintenance cost
• Easy repair and replacement
• Acoustic sound insulation
• Reasonable fire reaction and resistance
• Have Hygienic Surfaces
• Acceptable for HACCP and FDA Approval
• Eco Friendly – CFC Free insulation material

Technical Specifications

Density : 40-45Kg/ m3
Compressive Strength : 1.851 kgf/cm2
PSI/2KGS/cum : 28.5
Tensile Strength : 3.4 kgf/cm2
Adhesion strength : 1.81 kgf/cm2
Water Absorption : 0.2%
Temperature Range : (-) 20 C to (+) 110 C depends on thickness,
Thermal Conductivity : 0.0214 W/ m-k
Fire Property : Self Extinguishing fire retardent
Water Vapors permeability : 0.11 gm/Hr/Sq.m


Thickness* – mm 50, 60, 80, 100
Overall width* – mm 1000
Standard Sheet length* – mm 2440 (8ft), 3050 (10ft), 3660 (12ft), 4270 (14ft), 4880 (16ft)

* The reduction in temperature may differ due to atmospheric condition prevalent in the region of application