Durakolor Shakti Plus

Shakti Plus is a unique product developed at an economical range. With its Dura Silver finish and exclusive profile it delivers International Quality with economy. Its super smooth surface makes it more reflective and the Galvalume / AZ coating keeps it new forever, thus making it an ideal replacement of GC sheets. Moreover, because of its reflectivity a shelter made of Durakolor Shakti Plus (Bare Galvalume) is cooler and also more energy efficient than any other roofing. Durakolor Shakti Plus profile is also characterized by special Durakolor Anti Capillary Groove and Durakolor Valley Discharge Feature .


1. Longest life – 3 times higher than GC sheets
2. Better roof coverage – 28% higher than GC sheet
3. Saving in roofing cost by 8-10% *
4. Highest strength
5. Cooler roof due to better reflection of sunrays
6. Looks new forever resulting from azz technology


Total Coated Thickness* – mm0.30, 0.35, 0.40, 0.45, 0.47, 0.50, 0.55, 0.60. 0.80
Crest Height (mm)* – 28.5
Pitch Distance (mm)* – 203
Overall width* – mm1072
Effective Cover width* – mm1015
Standard Sheet length* – mm2440 (8ft), 3050 (10ft), 3660 (12ft), 4270 (14ft), 4880 (16ft)
*Customized thickness and lengths can be supplied based on specific requirements of customers
DK shakti Dimension

*Terms and conditions apply

*Sheet length in feet is approximate value

*Standard deviations apply

Exclusive Feature

Durakolor Anti Capillary Groove – Durakolor Shakti Plus Profile has been designed with special Anti Capillary Groove, which forms an air tube in the side lap of the sheet, thus resisting water seepage even in torrential rains.


Durakolor Valley Discharge Feature –Durakolor Shakti Plus Profile has been designed with special Valley Discharge Feature which allows water to percolate towards the crest and drain downwards smoothly and faster.

discharge (1)